Hope for Fertility

Aubrey & Jake

2022 Bestaroo Holiday Contest Winner.

Ten years ago I was a single mom to a sweet two year old boy and had just met Jake, my future husband. Jake stepped in to help raise my son Liam from the moment he met him. I could not have asked for a better Dad and role model for him, and looked forward to the day we could get married and grow our family.

Amy & Kolby

Hope for Fertility Grant Recipient 2019

We spent years trying after our first son was born to have another baby but it just wasn’t happening. After trying Clomid and bloodwork with my OB we decided it was time to move on to see a fertility specialist. We had extensive testing, blood work and everything was perfect with both my husband and myself!  

Traven & Marissa

Hope for Fertility Grant Recipient 2021

Hi there! We are Traven and Marissa Hoyt and we were 2021 Hope for Fertility grant recipients. My husband and I began trying to start a family in August of 2019. After nine months of trying to conceive, we received the news that my husband’s sperm count was severely low. While this news was very hard to take, it didn’t stop us from pursuing our  

Cort & Bobbi

Hope for Fertility Grant Recipients 2020

Cort and I were married in April of 2014. We began our journey to parenthood right away! With every month stacking up, one negative after another, our excitement soon turned into heartache. As we were surrounded by family and friends easily becoming pregnant around us, our desire to have a family of our own felt impossible. After years of trying with a hopeless heartache settling in we decided to seek professional help. What seemed like an endless routine of disappointment we felt a shimmer of hope heading into our first infertility appointment.

Shelby & Luka

Hope for Fertility Grant Recipients 2020

Luka and I have been together for almost 8 years, married in October 2016, and started trying to start our family in February 2018. We were both young and healthy and didn’t think it would take long, naively assuming that by 2019 we would be welcoming a baby. Instead, in 2019, we were seeking out doctors, testing, and fertility medications. After countless medicated cycles, three losses, and an IVF consult, we started trying to decide how we could pay for IVF - a consideration no one should have to take in when they are trying to welcome a child into their lives.

Laura & Dylan

Hope for Fertility Grant Recipients 2021

I was diagnosed with infertility at the age of 14. Or at least that's how it felt. After a year of endless appointments, and dozens of tests later I had my first surgery. I was told I had two uteruses, and something called endometriosis that destroyed my right fallopian tube. I was at an age where I had never even heard of endometriosis, but I quickly understood that this news would change my life forever. My gynecologist told me that it might be more difficult for me to conceive, or that I might be at a higher risk of miscarriage. I grew to feel ashamed of my body. I felt like a failure.