Cort & Bobbi

Cort and I were married in April of 2014. We began our journey to parenthood right away! With every month stacking up, one negative after another, our excitement soon turned into heartache. As we were surrounded by family and friends easily becoming pregnant around us, our desire to have a family of our own felt impossible. After years of trying with a hopeless heartache settling in we decided to seek professional help. What seemed like an endless routine of disappointment we felt a shimmer of hope heading into our first infertility appointment.

Walking into Dr. Milroy’s clinic in Billings Montana, being surrounded by ladies that just knew exactly what you were feeling and what you needed, felt like a light of hope. I remember sitting in the big and somewhat cozy room not knowing what to expect and Zoey, a gal with a smile that warms your heart, walked in and said we would like to do a pregnancy test because my period was over the normal 28-30 day cycle which was not my normal. I dreaded every test because it brought me heartache all over again and my glimmer of hope was soon to be shattered again. Zoey left the room with the test and walked back in, less than a minute later. I was thinking wow that was fast, and she looked at me and said your pregnant! This has only happened a couple times and we all just looked at each other in disbelief and confusion. After some crying and laughing we were on our way into our journey of parenthood. I remember the waves of joy filling my face with glowing happiness! We had tried for what seemed like a lifetime to become pregnant but now was only 28 months! Fast forward into the 20 week ultrasound our happiness was shattered when we were told our perfect baby had a heart defect, PAIVES (Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum). They did an amniocentesis to check for a genetic defect but found none out of thousands and said it was just a one in a million chance of this happening. We were told we had three options, abort pregnancy, give birth in Billings with palliative and watch our baby pass within hours after birth or Denver CO at the Childers Hospital to undergo heart surgeries right away and hopefully help our baby become a single ventricle heart warrior. We knew right away Denver was the only option, so we started getting set to completely move to Denver for our journey into parenthood. Week 31 came and turned our plans into a distant memory. Our little miracle was stillborn in Lewistown Montana on March 17, 2017, weighing 4 lbs 9 oz 16” long after we found out our babies heartbeat had stopped. We named our son Clancy James Whitney, he was and always will be cherished.

Nine days after giving birth i hemorrhaged and needed an emergency D&C to remove retained placenta. Numbness overcame our hearts but we needed to heal by continuing our fight for parenthood. This time we went straight back to the fertility clinic for help. Right away they did a test to look at my cervix and found out I needed another surgery to remove scar tissue from the D&C called a hysteroscopy. After healing from that we jumped right into IUI’s. After multiple failed attempts we were told IVF was our only option. Not being financially set for that we decided to take the next year and keep trying naturally, while saving money to afford the costs of IVF.

After another year of failed attempts we reached out to Hope for Fertility for a grant to help with the costs IVF would bring! They are amazing and were a huge help for Cort and me to be able to move forward with IVF! Dr. Milroy was able to successfully retrieve and fertilize 5 perfect embryos!!! We then did a Frozen Embryo Transfer that was successful!!! After many hopeful doctor visits, we were relieved to learn we had a healthy baby growing !!!!

In Billings MT, on November 21st, 2020 at 10:54 a.m Cort and I welcomed a perfectly healthy baby boy, measuring 20”long and weighing 6 lbs 10 oz, into our loving arms! His name is Quinn James Whitney! We are extremely thankful for everyone who helped us through this journey into parenthood! We are truly blessed and thankful.God Blessed Us!