Amy & Kolby

We spent years trying after our first son was born to have another baby but it just wasn’t happening. After trying Clomid and bloodwork with my OB we decided it was time to move on to see a fertility specialist. We had extensive testing, blood work and everything was perfect with both my husband and myself! It was then that we started trying IUI’s and after 3 unsuccessful rounds we decided it was time to go elsewhere. I switched fertility clinics and found a doctor I loved. I had surgery, did a few more rounds of IUI and then decided to begin the IVF process. It was such a hard decision to move forward with IVF when all we were given as a diagnosis was “unexplained infertility.” We felt it was right and decided to go for it and so we started IVF. The egg retrieval went well and we did a fresh transfer. I was called and told that my HCG was great and that we were going to have a baby. It was 2 days after Christmas in 2018, we excitedly went to Utah for our first ultrasound as a family. We discovered there was no heartbeat and only blood. I was told if I felt any pain to go immediately to the er. That afternoon I hurt so bad and ended up down at my doctors office. She told us that I was experiencing a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. She said she would call an ambulance or meet me immediately at the hospital because I needed emergency surgery that night or this could kill me. I remember lying in this hospital bed late that night and my heart was broken. I couldn't stop crying! My heart hurt and then my body from surgery and losing our baby. We had worked so hard to get pregnant and to have this after doing ivf was devastating. We got pregnant again on our own in April 2019 and I was experiencing pain so we went in one Sunday morning to my doctors to check things out. She told us things were good and we got to hear our sweet babies heartbeat. Tears of joy streamed down my face...but things took a turn for the worse and I miscarried the next day. It’s been such a hard journey and my heart longs to hold our angel babies. We decided to do another round of ivf in January of 2020 we finally have our precious little miracle baby Kanon. Never loose hope, never give up...I believe in miracles and know that everything happens for a reason. We feel extremely blessed and grateful! If your heart is broken, you've experienced loss, are longing for a baby- know you are not alone. My heart will always have a piece missing but now I feel peace and happiness and growth that I wouldn't had I not been through hard things. I am so blessed to be a Momma to my two sweet boys!