Marissa & Traven

Hi there! We are Traven and Marissa Hoyt and we were 2021 Hope for Fertility grant recipients. My husband and I began trying to start a family in August of 2019. After nine months of trying to conceive, we received the news that my husband’s sperm count was severely low. While this news was very hard to take, it didn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams of parenthood. In April of 2020, he was seen by an endocrinologist for hormone therapy in efforts to try and increase his sperm count, which was unfortunately unsuccessful. We were then referred to a reproductive endocrinologist where we had learned that IVF would be our best option towards a successful pregnancy. After an IVF retrieval, unsuccessful embryo transfer, and multiple procedures, we were finally blessed with a positive pregnancy test after two and a half years. At our seven week ultrasound, much to our surprise, our embryo had split into identical twins! Our sweet miracle baby girls were born on September 16th, 2022. Although our journey to having children wasn’t what we had ever imagined, the Hope for Fertility Foundation helped us along the way and we are forever grateful for their generosity and choosing us as grant recipients.